This week on looks we are focusing on what I consider the most important part of every outfit. Some people collect them, some people re-sell them, and some people never wear them 😦 This week we are talking all about SHOES.

There is no better way to show you some of my favorite shoes, then to start with the…..


Is there even a need for a description? Retail is $160 and is a STAPLE in the closet. Trust me..



These Nike’s show a fresh “icy” camo. A perfect winter pickup. Rumoured retail is around $140 and should be dropping within the next two weeks. Thoughts? Cop or drop -I think COP.

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AIR JORDAN 1 (1 of 1)

These Air Jordan 1’s are a customized by the one and only Shoe Surgeon (@theshoesurgeon). This mashup between the Air Jordan 1 basketball shoe combined with a Nike Tiempo soccer cleat  give the shoe an amazing one-of-a-kind look.


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These “Sacre-Bleu” hand painted low-top sneakers are clean. I think that a pair of fresh, white, kicks are essential in every wardrobe. These however, come in a little pricey at $225 retail. Unfortunately were a special edition sneaker, but you can still check out the style on Axelarigato.com or find a reseller on Grailed! (Personal favorite for clothes however GOAT is a much better service)




The Air Jordan 1, my favorite Nike shoe with an orange Gatorade iteration is rumored to be retailing around $175 and are scheduled to release on December 26th. Do I even like orange gatorade? These are dope! A sure way to catch someones eye or even stop traffic (not kidding).



@novocane aka Lucas reps a clean Supreme black and white striped shirt with a shearling denim trucker; a fresh take on a Canadian Tuxedo. Of course the center piece of this fit are his Air Jordan 1 retro OG’s… What do you think?



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